In working with families around the US to provide senior home care, we’ve learned how to provide the best care services possible. Below are happy care clients:

We were relieved to discover  Senior Home Care USA and are very pleased with your referred caregiver. It’s been over a month since the caregiver came on board and she’s proven to be consistently diligent, cheerful, punctual, reliable, and caring. Mother’s improvement continues; at 92 years of age her post-stroke rehabilitation is nothing less than miraculous. We recognize and laud your caregiver as a major contributor to Mother’s continuing success.

It’s so reassuring to know that while we’re away, Mother is receiving the companionship, warmth and care she needs. Who could ask for more? Thank you for Senior Home Care USA. It’s a God send!

Patricia Wright


I am pleased with the results of Sheila Moody at  Senior Home Care USA. She is a liaison for me and my client. Her ambitious plans and great ability to match people created a situation between myself and my client that would have been difficult to match on our own. I am proud to refer friends to Sheila for her services. Thanks again Sheila. You have a viable business.


I just want to express what a positive experience it was to work with Sheila obtaining in home care givers for my 92 year old mother. She was patient and responsive to our needs which were many. She kept me updated regularly and always returned my calls or e-mails promptly. She was able in a short amount of time to find 2 caregivers that met our needs perfectly. Both caregivers are excellent and I would in turn recommend them to anyone. Sheila made an unpleasant and daunting job into a breeze. She will be the first place I will go next time I have the need for a caregiver.

Linda La Mesa, CA


Senior Home Care USA is highly recommended. Specifically:

1. Caregivers are obtained that are particular to your needs.

I had a full page of special requirements that developed

over several phone conversations and emails.

2. Availability. Sheila always returns phone calls/emails

promptly. For instance, because of a sudden change in

conditions, she was able to obtain a caregiver on a Sunday

afternoon – for duties that same night.

Finally Sheila cares about her clients and is very easy to work with.

Alan Scales


My sister and I have had three live-ins, 24/5, for our 93 year old father over the past four years. In addition, we have worked with 20+ part time caregivers through an agency. We had begun to believe we would never find our idea of the “perfect caregiver.”  Happily we were wrong. We defined the responsibilities and requirements in detail and Sheila found the perfect person to fit our situation. She is experienced, kind, & intelligent. We couldn’t be more pleased, most importantly we are so relieved to know our father is in good hands.

Rita Pinkerton and Louise Russell


I  just want to Thank Sheila for her dedication and hard work to find a job for me as a skilled caregiver. Her efforts were endless and this is a tribute to her professionalism. I usually prefer not to go thru and agency, but this was truly different. I would not hesitate to recommend Senior Home USA to anyone to find quality care for their loved ones.

Sherri , San Diego CA


If you’re thinking of placing a classified ad for a caregiver, don’t! Senior Home Care USA  can make your job immeasurably easier and save you a lot of time with their pre-qualified candidates.



Finding Senior Home Care USA was a real miracle After years as a professional personal trainer, I soon realized I needed expert representation in the growing field of care giving. After meeting your strict criteria, again realizing you would be acting as my personal agent, carefully finding the right situation for both client and myself. I especially found the initial interview with my prospective client an even greater benefit. My current live-in position fits in every way, as I am well compensated and feel in harmony with the day to day activities of daily living with my senior client. Thank you so much for your continued support.



I wanted to thank you so much for your service. Senior Home Care USA was the only service that was able to help us and believe me I looked long and hard. My Mom needed an affordable caregiver and Sheila truly cared about the position we were in. I did not want Mom to go to a nursing home. I would have spent an enormous amount of time doing what Sheila managed to do in a few hours and we got a wonderful caregiver with no hassle of “looking” ourselves and trying to check references and backgrounds. I don’t know how Sheila does this for the small amount she charges, she truly has a good heart and cares about people. It was a lucky day for me when I found her. Sheila was professional and patient throughout the process; we were not an easy client. If you are reading this you have been lucky enough to have found this gal. I will be singing her praises to anyone needing a caregiver for a loved one. This is the kind of service that is so desperately needed for families trying to keep their loved ones at home and cared for. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime. I wish you all the best. God Bless you.

Jan Miller, San Diego CA


The emotions of finding a caregiver for an ailing parent can be overwhelming.  As I braced for a bad experience of interviewing multiple caregivers suddenly the cloud of anxiety was lifted when I met with Sheila Moody of Senior Home Care USA.  Sheila out lined the process of screening and qualifying a suitable caregiver based on my mother’s needs.  She went to work immediately and found a wonderful, caring and reliable caregiver whom my mother truly appreciates.  I highly recommend Senior Care San Diego for the placement of caregivers.

Greg R., San Diego CA


Sheila has been a Godsend to my husband and I since she took over the care of my parents. We sleep better at night knowing my parents are under her care.

Beth, Chicago IL


I didn’t want to move my mother from her home and she did not want to move either. I struggled for months trying to find quality people to work at her home. Sheila took care of my mother while she found a full time live-in for her. She really made my life easy.

John, Pacific Palisades CA


My mother became depressed after she lost her ability to drive. I contacted Sheila and now she goes out on a regular basis shopping, to the movies and to see her friends. I have come to be able to depend on Sheila to make sure my mother is able to do the things that make her happy and  keep her active.

Bill, Tucson AZ


I surprised my parents recently by dropping in on them from out of town. I had no idea of how much their living situation had deteriorated. I guess they were just too proud to ask for help. Moving them was out of the question, so I was referred to Sheila. Her experience and insight were invaluable to me and now their home is back in order. Good bless you Sheila ! Keep up the great work.

Marc, San Francisco CA


My father recently had broken his hip and he needed rehabilitative therapy. I contacted Sheila and she made all of the arrangements to see to it that his medical appointments were kept and his house was in order during his convalescence. It is nice to know that in this day and age you can find someone like Sheila to provide such excellent care and service. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for excellent care for their loved ones.

Margaret, Manhattan NY