Are you caring for the Elderly?

March 24, 2012

Elderly Care at home


Caring for the elderly in America today requires commitment, compassion, and understanding. To treat the elderly with care is a skill that may or may not come easily to everyone- the task at hand can often be frustrating, time consuming, and physically demanding. Whether one is the sole caretaker, a home health aide, or a nursing home employee, elderly care must begin with respect for the individual’s wishes. The elderly, if able, should be allowed to choose the care they want to receive. If unable, the elderly have the right to appoint a person to assume responsibility for their needs. Ultimately, what is in the best interest of the elderly person is usually the right path to choose.

As a caretaker of elderly people, one must possess basic skills that will allow for not only adequate health care, but safety and comfort of the dependent as well. It would be wise for these caretakers to seek education and instruction by professionals in the health care industry, depending on their charges needs. Autonomy is a goal for the elderly that can move, walk, and talk sufficiently. Those elderly persons that can cogently express their needs can take a greater role in their own care. When these day to day functions decrease, however, the caretaker must step into action as both a guardian (whether legal or not) and voice for their dependent. Usually the elderly patient’s wishes are best expressed by a living will or a trusted power of attorney. If said caretaker also assumes the role of P.O.A., then duties are magnified not only on an everyday custodial basis, but on a legal level as well. Maintaining quality health care involves always ensuring that the elderly individual receives necessary and timely attention to all issues that may arise during time of need.

A Senior Home Care Health aide comes directly to the elderly patient’s home to give care to those elderly that wish to remain at their residence as long as they are able. The aides may have as great a role as physically moving, bathing, and feeding the patient day to day, or as small as assistance with tasks that prove to be a little more difficult than they once were. Senior Home Care aides are mainly skilled persons that have been trained and certified in a variety of healthcare situations. They may also assist with keeping house, doing laundry, and other day to day chores.  The most successful home health aides are individuals that blend a certain amount of compassion and courtesy with the training they acquire, using these soft skills to help build patient trust. It is important to note that safety and peace of mind are just as important to the elderly at this stage of life as they are to everyone else. The elderly if at all possible would rather remain in their homes. Senior Home Care can be provided by a variety of different resources to make this happen.

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A “nursing home” or an assisted living facility are options for those elderly that have a wide range of needs. The elderly person may choose to live among his or her contemporaries, enjoying a certain amount of independence. The general scope of the nursing home population includes those in good general health to those that need constant medical attention. Nursing homes are often used for physical rehabilitation as well. Assisted living facilities benefit those persons with relatively minor age related health changes who are otherwise able to live with minimal supervision. Arrangement of transportation, meals, and activities are provided and similar to nursing homes, yet these elderly inhabitants enjoy less restriction and more freedom of choice. Many options are available when caring for the elderly and what is in the best interest of the individual is usually correct.

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