Parents and their Independence

February 29, 2012

Elderly Care at home

Nobody from a loving family ever desires to see their parents lose their independence. Your parents likely feel the same way. They do not want to burden you with the cumbersome task of caring for them as you try to balance out the responsibilities of your own work and family relationships. So, what can we do to ensure both parties are able to live and enjoy their lives to the fullest extent? This is a quick, simple guide as to small steps you can take to ensure that your parents are able to safely live out their golden years in the comfort of their own homes.


One major aspect to consider is the physical changes that undoubtedly come with the onset of years. Tasks that once seemed like a small chore may now be quite the on taking. That high pantry shelf that could easily be reached before may now cause a painful stretch or require use of a support object to gain access to. With these examples in mind, consider equipment and supports that could make such tasks easier and more efficient, thus requiring less energy and risk of well being to complete. Some simple solutions could include rearranging commonly used items to a more accessible area, purchasing a small step stool for those places that would otherwise be a stretch, and the use of household items such as a robotic vacuum, long reach grip stick, and self cleaning oven to ease the encumbrance of common tasks.

 Along the same lines of the aforementioned physical changes come household navigational and mobility issues. Shuffling their feet around the house without a thought may not be quite as simple as it once was. Old rugs with furled edges, elevation changes from one room to the next, stairs, and slick surfaces could now pose a much more serious threat to their safety. Items in common walking routes that could be easily tripped over may need to be removed or replaced. Tricky spots such as stairs and elevated could be replaced with gradually inclining ramps, smaller steps, or supportive rails to aid in traversing the house. Slick areas, especially the bathroom floor and shower area, can be coated with a non-slip coating or adhesive pads meant to improve traction and reduce the chance of an unfortunate fall.

An effective way of communication to emergency services in the case of an incident is absolutely necessary. There are many factors to be considered in this approach, with finances obviously playing a major card in the hand of the decision. If funding is not an issue, hiring in home support could be an attractive option. Having the abilities of a healthy and knowledgeable individual in home even part time can greatly reduce the stress and worry of wondering if your loved ones are safe and cared for. These individuals, depending on qualifications, can provide everything from common household cleaning and maintenance to providing professional health services and planning activities to help ensure the mind and body stay engaged and thriving. Being that this option is out of the budget of most, there are also digital measures that can be instituted to allow your parents unsupervised freedom while also offering the peace of mind that help is merely a button push away. One such option would be a life alert type device that has a long lasting battery and can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. One simple push of a button and emergency services will be on the way. A home security system could possibly provide the same type of services, but would likely only include a few fixed keypads for emergency notification. A cellular phone, or even a couple, placed strategically around the house or configured to be carried at all times could also be a life saver in a time of dire straits. Contact us Senior Home Care USA. We would be glad to answer any questions about the care of your parents.

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  1. Janten Says:

    Interesting to work as an care giver position.


    • sheila Says:

      Hi Janten,

      Yes, working as a caregiver is a very rewarding and stressful career, all rolled up into one job


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