Signs you’re Aging Parents might need Help

September 24, 2012

Senior Care at Home


Life is truly an amazing gift of its own. But we all have to age with life whether we want to or not. This can be one of the hardest parts in life. There are signs an aging relative may need help that you can look for.

Sometimes your elder relative may not be able to tell you they need help if they themselves don’t realize they need help. Having a good relationship with your relative can benefit you both, because then you may be able to assess how much help they may need.

There are actually many different clear signs for you to look for when you think your aging parent may need help. You may want to watch their routine in life and see if the routine is changing at all. Also, check and see if your relative’s memory is starting to drift a bit. If you’re close with your relative, then you may want to see if there are bills that have been unpaid, or check and see if the mail is being opened or just left unopened.

Check the refrigerator and freezer and even cupboards to see if the food is old, and to see if there are any new groceries at all. This will tell you if your relative is getting food from the store and keeping up with throwing out the old food. You can normally tell if your relative has been gaining or losing weight. This is a good sign to look for because it will tell you a little about your relative’s health.

You know your aging parent the best, so you can also tell if you’re aging parent is keeping up with their appearance or maybe your parent may not be keeping up with their appearance.

Also, you may want to check their calendar and make sure they have been getting to the appointments they are suppose to be at. Another good way to tell some signs are by checking to see how the yard looks, if it doesn’t look like it’s been kept up then that could be a sign.

Check and see if your aging parent is taking the appropriate medicine and ask your parent if they know what medicine they take. Try to quiz your relative by asking them to tell you their address, the date, your name, and any other information you can think of. Some elders have certain events, or hobbies that they go to on a regular basis. Ask you’re relative if they have been going to the hobbies or normal events.

There are so many ways to get clues on if your aging relative is in need of help. You just need to know what to look for. The signs may or may not be there. So having the appropriate information to look for will help you better understand your relative quickly.

Once you have asked all the questions and identified the problems your relative might just be having, then you will have a better idea yourself of what to do next.

There is help available if you are unsure of what to do next. Just know that whatever you can do to help your aging relative is something that they need, and you will feel good to know that your relative is safe and doing well.

Having a person that your relative can trust is very important so that you both can help each other out the best way possible. You know your aging relative the best, so the best person is you to make sure they are always doing well and in good hands.

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