Aging Parents are you ready for that Emergency Call


It is hard for most people to deal with the reality that their parent is aging, and they may even wonder where time has gone. The truth is life can become so busy that it simply distracts individuals.

When an individual finally notices that their parent may not be able to take care of themselves, it can be quite scary; especially, if the family lives a great distance from the parent. They may instantly have regrets about not spending more time with them, but the last thing any parent wants is to be a burden.


In most cases the child will want to put their parent in a nursing home, but convincing their independent parent is another thing. In most cases they are fine throughout the day, but occasionally they will need help. When a person ages and they develop a disease or disorder for instance, even the small things such as taking pills can be a vital challenge. Despite the fact that the independent older parent may not want to be in a retirement home, there still has to be someone there to make sure that they are okay. One of the answers to this dilemma, whether both parents are living or they are alone is to hire a care giver. Before going out and implementing the decision to hire a care giver the family should consider a few things.

First, the family has to realize that bringing this subject up to their aging parent may not be an easy topic, but there are simple ways one can convince them. Even though they may resist to this idea at first, simply explain to them that they are loved and people are constantly worrying about them. They may try to convince everyone that they are fine and can handle things on their own, and that they want their own space. In most cases they want to make sure that they stay in their own home without feeling like someone is babysitting them.

The family has to remember to sympathize with the aging parent’s feelings, but it is possible for both sides to come up with a compromise such as: hiring a part time caregiver. In most cases when the parent is independent, the caregiver will come in on a schedule that is best for the family. For instance, if the parent is suffering from a sleep disorder, than they can hire someone to come in at night and stay with them. There are also caregivers that will come in for a few hours a day to ensure the person exercises properly, takes the correct dosage of pills, or to even help them with their daily hygiene issues, or cook their meals.

If a parent is suffering from a more serious health issue than it may be best for you to consider hiring an in-home caregiver. They will be able to ease the mind of the family members by watching over your parents or parent every day, and to help them with their needs.


Their needs can be as simple as helping one clean to something as major as making sure that they stay safe and healthy. What makes these caregivers different from having a family member stay with the aging parent is these people are professionally trained for all situations. Depending on the situation one can find a person or agency that will hire a trained professional or even a nurse. If a medical issue does arise they will be able to react accordingly, and even save their life.

Getting advice from a medical professional in their situation to see what type of care should be given for the aging parent’s care is always advisable in every situation. The worst thing to do is to wait until something bad happens, because prevention is the best type of treatment for this type of issue.

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