Solutions for Caregiving for the Elderly

You have been your mother’s or father’s caregiver for a few years now. She or he is doing fine. You helped her through her or his grief and depression, when their loved one spouse passed away. Between the two of you have a settled into a routine that works.

Here is the issue you are not as young as you once were. You still have the ongoing care of your children and family. Your to do list is over the top, your worried you will forget something.

Caring for an elderly member of your family is a huge responsibility. When the task of looking after an individual family member who is no longer capable of taking care of his or herself. Also, you must remember that in all probability somewhere down the line caregiving will become more involved and  more time-consuming.

The role of primary caregiver is an all consuming one that will quickly take over your life.  Just like an ordinary full time job, you will need to recharge your batteries because they will get very low very quickly.

Perhaps because of caregiving you feel that you can’t continue working at a full time job any longer. Still you love your job and hate the thought of giving it up.  I know you need the income.

Regardless of your attitude, I know you think you can do it all. The reality is that you are not as indispensable as you think you are. There are others who can perform many services for you loved one. Your first step to freedom and your own sanity is to admit this

Before you can think about when you will take a break, you must make arrangements to have your elderly relative taken care of in your absence.   One option is getting home help or home care in for the time that you are away or taking a break.  A caregiver can visit your loved one at the times that fit best for your schedule. They can do ADL’s wash, dress and feed your relative.  Seeing someone beside you, week in and week out, may be a most welcome change.

Burnout is no good for you or for the relative whose welfare is in your hands. As primary caregiver, you owe it to your family to take a break. Please visit us on the web at

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